1. 35x35x1600 cm for Baghdad Electrical Power Station Besmaya  9590 piles of 16 m depth one pec. 2014-2016
2. 28.5×28.5 cm for Buildings In University Of Baghdad 2450 piles of 12 m depth 2014
3. 28.5×28.5 cm for  Yousifia( Baghdad) Sewerage Treatment Plant 653 piles of 8-12 m depth. 2014-2015
4. 28.5×28.5 cm for  Alshatra (Nasiria Hospital) 1560 piles of 12 m debth 2014
5.  28.5×28.5 cm for Sawara (Kut)Sewerage Treatment Plant 1500 piles of 12 m depth 2014
6.  40×40 cm for Habibia Studum (Baghdad) 2650 piles of 12 m depth. 2012-2014
7.  28.5 x28.5 cm for Basra Power Towers 950 piles of 12 m depth 2013
8. 28.5×28.5 cm for West Qurna Oil Field 2430 piles drive only  of 12 – 24 m depth 2012
9. 28.5×28.5 and 40×40 cm for Imam Ali Correction  Bridges Basrai 1400 piles of 12 m depth 2012
10. 28.5×28.5 cm for Al-Jisir Sewerage –Baghdad 1500 piles of 12 m depth. 2012
11.28.5×28.5 cm for Tarmiya Sewerage –Baghdad 1800 piles of 12 m depth 2012
12. 28.5×28.5 cm for Maymuna – Omara Sewerage 1300 piles of 24 m depth 2011
13. 28.5×28.5 cm for Kut Water Project 3430 piles of 12 m depth 2010-2012
14.  28.5×28.5 cm for Sewerage Treatmant Of Mahmoudia 3600 piles of 12 m depth 2010 -2011
15.28.5×28.5 cm for Badra Water Treatment Plant 1100 piles of 24 m depth 2010-2011
16. 28.5×28.5 cm for Police Hospital Baghdad 1245 piles of 12 m depth 2009
17.  285x285mm for Risafa water project in Baghdad R3,R5 al Rashidia 8350 piles of 12mr depth 2008 -2009
18. 300x300x18000mm for Baghdad-Abu Ghraib Motorway. App. 6,000pile /Iraq 1982
19.300x300x24000 mm for Basrah University. App 3000 piles /Iraq 1982
20.       300x300x25000mm for six buildings in Basrah City /Iraq 1982
21. 300x300x42000mm for Al Jumhoori Hospital in Basrah /Iraq 1982
22.300x300x20000mm Sugar berth at Urn Qasr port/Iraq 1981
23. 300x300x18000mm for AL Hilla Jumhoori Hospital in Hilla /Iraq 1980
24. Ø450×18000-28000 for seven bridges piers in south of Iraq 1980
25.Ø1250x45000mm for the piers of Fohood and Suqul shuyookh Bridges / Iraq 1978
26. 250x250x9000 mm for Nassiriya TPS. 2500 piles/Iraq 1977
27.       400x400x16500mm for Nassiriya Thermal power station. 5500 piles /Iraq 1976
28.       350x350x18000mm for Sarrafiya Gas Turbine, Baghdad /Iraq 1976
29.       400x400x12000mm for offshore light House/Kuwait 1973
30.       400x400x8000mm for the 800MW Shaiba South TPS 6000piles/Kuwait 1972
31.       450x450x18000 for Kuwait Fishing Company at Shuaiba port 500piles/Kuwait 1968
32.       400x400x8000mm for water desalination plant in Shuawaikh and Shuaiba / Kuwait 1967
33.       350x350x18000mm for Fender wall of Shuwaikh port / Kuwait 1966
34.       Numerous other piling projects

sheet piling:

1.  Al-Doura Pumping Station 60x40x22m /Iraq
2.  Ten berth port at Um Qasr/ Iraq 3 km curtain wall (retaining wall) 21m deep. And 3 km of anchor sheet pile of 6m total 40,000tons of steel, work done, from top of  barge/Iraq

Power station:

1.  Al-Sarafiya Gas turbine/ Iraq
2.  Mulla Abdulla gas turbine/Iraq
3.  Dibis Gas  turbine/ Iraq
4.  Al-Nassiriya TPS 4 x 212.5MW, also with several large single pours of 3500m3 for river bank and circulation pumping stations
5. Al-shuaiba south 6 x 134 MW TPS/ Kuwait. Our work includes piling, dewatering, steel structures and all concrete works including the turbine pedestals, each contains single pours of 500 m3 each and fixing of tens of tons of anchor bolts and embedded steel items.
6.  Partly to Al-Doha 2400 mw TPS/Kuwait

Pump station:

1.Several other  P.S. in Kuwait, Iraq and Uzbekistan
2.Al-Doura sewage/Baghdad, Iraq. 20 mr deep-15 000 m3 pumping from Ø 3m trunk sewer to Al-karkh Sewage treatment./Iraq
3. Al-Razaza Surface drainage/ Iraq. 20 mr deep – 15 000 m3 concrete.
4. Circulation Pumping Station of Nassiriya TPS, HAS, 10,000cu.m of reinforced concrete one pour was 3000 cu.m continuous uninterrupted pour/Iraq
5. River Bank of of  Nassiriya TPS 20 m below water 20 000 m3 concrete made by  method of caisson/Iraq

Other projects:

1.Numerous  buildings and plants in Iraq, Kuwait, Uzbekistan, UK including cement plants, fertilizer plants, building material plants, oil refineries, bridges, sewage and drainage networks, roads and railways
2.Baghdad Abu-Ghraib motor way in JV with “Kier UK” Contract for 200 million USDS in 1981

Industrial and construction Investments by principles of the company.

A. Cement milling plant, concrete plant and railway loading station are under construction in Baghdad on 6 hectares industrial land in Yousifiya/ Awaireej in Baghdad from which precast piles will be manufactured and supplied.
B. Gravel/sand plant, marble plant (Uzbekistan).
C. High technology heavy industrial plant for manufacturing cement ball mills(Uzbekistan)
D.Fertilizer phosphate processing plant for 200 000 ton/year of phosphate flour. Uzbekistan.
E.Cement plant with 100 000 ton/year capacity clinker/cement, now under development to increase capacity to 500 000 ton/year. The plants were sold in. 2007(Uzbekistan).

Equipment's and plant for piling

Precast Concrete plant

The plant is located in Awaireej/Yousifiya in Baghdad, Iraq. It has the following:-

  • 30 cu.m/hr concrete batching plant new made by Rah Machine.
  • 10 tons, 16 Mr Gantry crane made by.
  • 50 tons crawler crane N Link Belt of USA.
  • 100 mould 285x285x12000mm for daily production of 100 piles of 12 Mr.
  • 2 ton/hr steam boilers gasoil fuel.
  • Kawasaki70
  • 10 Electric vibrators.
  • Numerous other equipments including field laboratory and cube moulds10.
  • Mercedes trailers and 10 Mercedes tippers.

Driving the piles:

The following equipment’s is owned and are available with our company

Rig No. 1:

  1. 35tons NCK British crawler crane
  2. 24mr 600mm dia leader
  3. D25 diesel hammer Chinese, with 2500kg ram and 78980-39980 NM energy/blow manufactured by Hangzhou Xiao Shan /Hangzhou Machinery, Manufacturing Branch.

Rig No. 2:

  1. 35tons NCK British crawler crane
  2. 24mr 600mm dia leader
  3. D25 diesel hammer, with2500kg ram and 78980-39980 Nm energy/blow manufactured by Hangzhou Xiao Shan /Hangzhou Machinery, Manufacturing Branch.


  1. 35tons NCK crawler crane
  2. 24mr 600mm dia leader
  3. SP-77A MSDTI-25000-01 Russian diesel hammer with 2500 kg ram

          and 59kJ energy/blow


  1. 35tons NCK crawler crane
  2. 24mr 600mm dia leader
  3. SP-77A Russian diesel hammer, with 2500kg ram and 59kJ energy/blow


  1. 35tons NCK crawler crane
  2. 24mr 600mm leader
  3. В25 BSP International British diesel hammer with 2500kg ram and 6320 m.k.g energy/blow and 80 blows per minute


  1. 35 tons NCK crawler cranes
  2. 24mr 600mm dia leader

В25 BSP International British diesel hammer with 2500kg ram and 6320m.k.j energy/blow and 80 blows per minute.                   

Specification of 285x285mm precast concrete piles in 12000mm segments

Reinforcement:  Main pile reinforcement are 4xØ18mm high tensile   deform bars 400kg/cm2 yield banded with spiral cold drawn steel. Reinforcement can be increased to suit specific requirement.

Concrete:  Rich dense concrete with high characteristic is produced to the highest standard and strength with high resistance to driving forces and sulfate attacks. Cube strength min.350kg/cm2.

Joints:  The pile extension is made by a built in integral joints at each pile end. One centering cylinder and four corner locking keys are inserted. The corners are than hammered for permanent lock. They are made of steel SIS1411 yield point 2600 kg/cm2.

Segments:  Long piles are manufactured in segment of maximum 12 mtr for easy transport and easy handling.

Handling: Handling from casting bed will be made by Ø12mm lifting eye at 0.2L from each end. Piles are stocked at yards and on transport beds supported under the lifting eyes.

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